CODE OF ETHICS FOR OutBreak Images by Facedown Media


  • A client/member/employee who is involved with OutBreak Images by FaceDown Media we follow a special code of ethics and if at all it is not followed please email
  • Although getting the story is the ultimate goal, ethical standards can “make” or “break” our business. It is our duty as a staff member of our magazine to document newsworthy happenings – NEVER altering circumstances or interfering with action to enhance our photographs or story. Photos and reports should tell a story just as it happened. Meeting the high standards of an honorable press requires patience, determination and strong ethics. First, foremost and ALWAYS remember press access is a privilege not to be ABUSED. Below is the following guidelines we use.

1. We arrive early at least 45 minutes before an event is scheduled to begin so we can find the press area, check out the stage and facility layout to choose a vantage point.

2. We NEVER show up unprepared. Not only do we bring all the proper equipment, we do our homework and research the knowledge and understanding of the event. We do our HOMEWORK!!

3. We always try to work together with the promoters and all authorized officials and NEVER against them.

4. We do not rush at an event. We take time to think about what we are covering that day so there is no confusion.

5.We ALWAYS stay within our boundaries of the press area and NEVER interfere with the action, criticize a player or performer or interrupt an authorized official.

6. We EXERCISE patience and resist the urge to inconvenience other media present by changing positions. Our opportunity will always come.

7. Although it is necessary to get a good position, courtesy pays off. We are ALWAYS willing to share space to other members of the media and we make it very important to get along with ALL members of the press.

8. Any press photography, video interviews and reporting inherently is for editorial purposes ONLY. We do not post to personal or business social media sites or used any other purpose that degrades the integrity of a legitimate press.

9. We ALWAYS live up to our obligations to promoters and other authorized officials. We DO NOT sell any photos, videos or stories to anyone personally or commercially. We DO NOT break that agreement.

10. At every event we clean up after ourselves like snack wrappers, water bottles ect…

11. We NEVER photograph or report anyone in a compromising situation like backstage or locker rooms unless it is a public figure in a public place which qualifies for NEWS. WE NEVER abuse the privileges of being media and press.

12. Very important when we are on an assignment we are a member of the press or media on the job. NOT A SPECTATOR.

  • Finally, the nature of breaking news makes preparation impossible sometimes however whenever we arrive to a scene we are always a member of the media and press. Our staff are expected to live up to the same standards our magazine displays at scheduled media events. We continue with constant practice and common sense with high ethical standards are some as naturally as pressing the shutter which OutBreak Images by FaceDown Media and our staff performs on a daily basis with these code of ethics which makes us


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